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Title: Physical optics modeling for the optimization of millimetre-wave personnel scanners
Author: Grafulla-Gonzalez, Beatriz, Lebart, Katia, Harvey, Andrew R.
Year: 2006
Book / Journal: Conference Digest of the 2006 Joint 31st International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves and 14th International Conference on Terahertz Electronics
Pages: 223
Abstract: Recent advances in mm-wave imaging show promise for the enhanced detection of threats hidden under clothes. This is particularly important for airport security. This paper focuses on a methodology, based on a comprehensive simulation of the physics of an imaging system, that aims to assess the potential of various modifications to the current systems. This offers low-cost and rapid exploration of the effects of various system parameters, such as imager polarization manipulation, frequency, coherence parameters etc. We report here on the effect of frequency on scene contrast.
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   important for airport security. This paper focuses on a methodology,
   based on a comprehensive simulation of the physics of an imaging
   system, that aims to assess the potential of various modifications to
   the current systems. This offers low-cost and rapid exploration of the
   effects of various system parameters, such as imager polarization
   manipulation, frequency, coherence parameters etc. We report here on
   the effect of frequency on scene contrast.}},
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