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Title: Image analysis algorithms for automating the post-processing of cetacean sighting surveys data
Author: Privat, B, Voleau, G, Lebart, K, Petillot, Y, Leaper, R, Gordon,
Year: 2005
Book / Journal: Oceans 2005 - Europe, Vols 1 and 2
Pages: 368-372
Abstract: Accurate measurements of the locations of surfacing cetaceans (whales dolphins and porpoises) are important data for behavioral studies and sightings surveys. A system for tracking cetacean movements based on photogrammetric analysis of digital images, presented in [1], has been developed and tested at sea. This paper presents and discusses the use of image processing tools to partially automate the processing of the digital images thus produced, in order to obtain estimates of both the bearing and range of the sightings. It is hoped that these tools will be enablers of wider scale surveys, and they are expected to be deployed and field tested during trial in the spring/summer 2005.
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   dolphins and porpoises) are important data for behavioral studies and
   sightings surveys. A system for tracking cetacean movements based on
   photogrammetric analysis of digital images, presented in [1], has
   been developed and tested at sea. This paper presents and discusses the
   use of image processing tools to partially automate the processing of
   the digital images thus produced, in order to obtain estimates of both
   the bearing and range of the sightings. It is hoped that these tools
   will be enablers of wider scale surveys, and they are expected to be
   deployed and field tested during trial in the spring/summer 2005.}},
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PDF: Privat05.pdf

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